Yasemin Gündoğdu

Information about intake and therapy sessions


SifaCoach uses spirituality, energy, and symbolism in her therapy sessions in order to cure the consciousness.


As most meditation therapies, you will need a comfortable place during the coaching, where you can put emphasis on your breathing in a pleasant manner, and where you can relax your mind, whereby you can feel the energy flow through your body.


Yasemin Gündoģdu offers you this safe and quiet place, so that you can work on your wellbeing undisturbed, under supervision of your SifaCoach.


Are you more comfortable at home or another peaceful location? Reiki therapy also offers you an opportunity to receive energy from a distance. During a remote Reiki healing we work with energy, that contains a vibration frequency.
Based on frequencies the Sifa Coach can make a connection with you.


A one-time remote treatment is obviously also possible, which is wholesome prior to an exciting situation such as for instance an operation, taking an exam or with job interviews.
The rate for remote Reiki is lower than when you make use of the rest room in the SifaCoach practice.


After an intake interview of 30 minutes the Sifa Coach will deal with a subject or problem per session. This can be dealing with several aspects.
Should there be a need for treatment of other symptoms, the we will consider this a new topic and we will deal with that in a new session.


You can make an appointment for a personal intake interview and then you can, of course in mutual consultation, choose from the following therapies:


Reiki laying on hand, in the rest room of Sifa coach or if required in a location that you have chosen yourself.


Chakra cure or healing


The rates of Sifa Coaching consultation depend on the situation and are fixed, prior to the consultation, by mutual agreement, of course.
Please, do not hesitate to contact SifaCoach Yasemin Gündoģdu.

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