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Live life more from feeling than from mind


Spirituality can be considered a part of personal growth and development, whereby people work on their inner life and their relation with the world around them.


In life health and wellbeing are an important factor for happiness.


Health is a balance between body, mind and spirit. The purpose of spiritual healing is to make humanity more aware of the healing power of the mind.
Spiritual needs are just as much an important element for health as the physical organs that form the body.


Spirituality can influence the physical state, our spirit and our mind.


Sifa Coaching can improve the holistic health of her clients by extensive knowledge of spirituality.


The “third eye” is the eye to the heart


The third eye is an “eye” which is situated just above and between the eyebrows. By “looking” more with your third eye, you can awaken your spirituality.


Everybody has a third eye and each person can gradually open it himself .
The third eye is closely connected to spirituality and it is the place where you receive non-tangible information, that contribute to making the right choices and to the transfer of thoughts and knowledge.


Spiritual awakening leads to change


For the one person spiritual awakening is a slow and gradual process, while for the other person it may go rapidly.
But however slow or fast you awaken, spiritual awakening is always accompanied by big, inner changes.


What changes are observed with  ‘Spiritual awakening’?


  • Your sensory perception is stronger and clearer by the  ‘third eye’
  • You feel more intense (sensing or empathizing)
  • You observe more distinctly with the five senses that every human has: smelling (nose), seeing , (eyes), hearing (ears), feeling  (hands or feet) or tasting (mouth/tongue)
  • You will be capable to understand the only universal language, which consists of the most important feelings; your emotions.


SifaCoach Yasemin Gündoģdu offers several coaching sessions, that may support you in your spiritual development:


Reiki laying on hands


Chakra Healing Therapy


Make an appointment or call for more information!


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