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Sifa is a word from the Turkish language, meaning “healing”.
It may refer to physical- emotional-, mental- or spiritual healing. Yasemin Gündoģdu is a spiritual therapist for holistic healing.

In some cultures and religions Sifa is considered an important part of life and specific rituals or practices are carried out to achieve healing.
It has been proven that religious or spiritual practices, such as prayer, meditation and looking for support with a higher power, may help in dealing with stress or fear and additionally provide hope and trust.
Religious and or spiritual practices may contribute to an improved mental health and an improved physical health. Although spirituality according to science cannot be considered a cure, it is however a beneficial addition to traditional medical treatments.

Let me introduce your SifaCoach Yasemin Gündoģdu


Yasemin is a reliable SifaCoach and she will help you with her inner peace, benevolence, compassion and in doing so she is generous, sincere, honest and has a strong personality.

SifaCoach sessions are based on spirituality and meant to help you to understand your strong points, to further develop them and to strengthen them.

During the Sifa coaching session you will experience that spiritual awakening is beneficial in healing a psychological and/or physical imbalance.

SifaCoach Yasemin offers the following Coaching sessions:

Reiki laying on hands healing technique


Chakra healing therapy


Should you have any questions or are interested in spiritual and meditative healing, you are also more than welcome.


What to expect when awakening spirituality?


  • By means of your spiritual consciousness you will explore your own life process.
  • Your mind is capable of excluding fears, negative emotions and thoughts.
  • You will be trained in expanding your wellbeing.
  • You will be stimulated in accepting yourself, your own identity and that of others.
  • By meditating in a proper manner you can improve your life with energy and healing power.


In all sessions you can enjoy by adding power to life and in doing so to achieve happiness, peace and success.


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