Yasemin Gündoğdu

Meditation is silence, energy-giving and fulfilling


Meditation therapy refers to a form of alternative medicine by making use of meditation techniques for the treatment of several mental and physical health problems.


There are many different kinds of meditation, including guided meditation, whereby a SifaCoach guides you through a meditation process with her voice or actions.


Yasemin Gündoģdu practices Reiki laying on hands as well as Chakra healing, also called Chakra healing. Both techniques are used to reduce stress, improve moods and increase feelings of wellbeing.
The treatments are also wholesome with conditions such as fears, depressions and chronic pain.


Guided meditation also has physical health benefits such as reducing blood pressure and improving the immune function.


Why is frequent meditation healthy and wholesome for people?


  • Meditation helps to reduce stress
  • Meditation calms the mind
  • Meditation improves focus
  • Meditation reduces symptoms of fear and depression
  • Meditation improves sleep quality
  • Meditation may contribute to an overall improvement of mental and physical health


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